WideEyed Tequila

Three days, Two-nights tour.


Leaving Monday or Tuesday.


We pick you up at your home from 9 to 9:30 AM (all six passengers).

This tour includes mostly everything with the exception of a couple of dinners and/or lunch.

Water and select drinks available during transport.


Maximum 6 passengers.

Returning around 7 PM Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the day of departure.


Casa Noble distillery, Opal mine in the desert, Santa Rosa Dam, Tequila Canyon, and Agave landscapes.


Tequila… everybody knows! They make Tequila. 

In this tour, you will find some of the secrets few people venture to discover, even when they are just a stone throw away. Sure, you’ll visit a beautiful distillery surrounded by the majestic Tequila Volcano and sip some excellent spirits. But, where the real fun starts is where the roads less traveled will take you.


One of them is to the La Lupita Opal mine, 14 km. north-west of Magdalena. You know, opals are quite rare, and few places in the world, at least that we know of, claim to be able to dig this strange gel-formed-into-stone gem. Australia, Ethiopia, the U.S.A., and México find 99.99% of all the precious opals worldwide. And Australia alone digs 97% of them! So, finding this type of mining is original, to say the least.


Well, in the late fifties an opal miner from Querétaro discovered opals in Jalisco. And from there, people went crazy believing they could find an opal anywhere they mined for the elusive gem. Oh, how wrong they were. They poked the earth relentlessly only to find that opals are very small and mining is not easy. Now, the mining of opals in Jalisco is a small endeavor.


Just think about this: a miner can spend an entire year looking for one of these gems and, if he’s lucky, may find one or two. So, don’t expect to come out of the mine with an opal in your hand. The experience is what makes this road so interesting.


Then you’ll find all the solace and tranquility you need to relax in a beautiful home in the middle of nowhere, literally. With all the luxury and comfort you and your friends deserve sans-wi-fi. You’ll find this place one of the most delightful experiences on this tour.


The rest will be mostly the hand of Nature displaying her amazing rainbow of colors and features of the landscapes, like the 800 m. (2,624 ft.) Tequila Canyon and its blue-green fields of Agave Tequilana Weber, the bluest of agaves one of the few World Heritage vistas.


This is a royal trip to some of the most beautiful vistas in the region. What a better occasion than this tour to invite your closest friends and share the emotions, the experiences and the beauty of this road less traveled. Six passengers allowed.


Did we mention you’ll ride in comfort and luxury? We provide water and drinks on the road and in some spectacular settings, snacks, and drinks. Music and aromatherapy are available onboard. You can bring your own player so you decide on your playlist!





WideEyed Tequila Tour
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