The Emerald of the Sierras

Grand Tour

Five-day tour. Monday to Friday.


Navidad, Galope, Juanacatlán, La Yerbabuena, Mascota and Guachinango.

Nothing compares to understanding a place like the palm of your hand. That means you know the secrets, the strangest things around. You’ll be accompanied by a guide with knowledge about the region. Your experience here will be like few things you’ve ever lived before.


The mystifying mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental can be seen as a never-ending chain of towering mountains and canyons that encompass most of the country. But, more to the point, in Jalisco, it is beyond imagination. Understanding the Ring of Fire is only achieved by witnessing its enormous size and height. 


Very close to the renowned pristine white sand beaches of the Pacific Coast rises one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the continent. Reaching 13,450 ft. above sea level, it is understandable that the views and the weather are quite rare. 


Embedded into this strange landscape, tens of towns were born out of the desire to find gold. That was in the 1500s, mind you. Can you imagine a town surrounded by not one but five volcanoes? Can you imagine climbing the tallest one and finding its crater is a lake? 


Place yourself in the very middle of a region that is believed to be the cradle of an unknown tribe or mini-civilization who traded with India and Perú a thousand years ago. It is pretty surreal but true.


This tour will take you and your friends in a private adventure to the heart of the origins of the mining towns of Jalisco. You will discover really strange and beautiful petroglyphs. A massive wall of basaltic hexahedrons bent in ways only Nature can fathom. 


You will make cheese and learn about how many Cristeros were part of what this region is today. You will visit an old taverna where Raicilla is made (the lost cousin of Tequila in Jalisco). You will experience the sweets and desserts created out of mangoes and guava fruits. And that’s just the beginning of this fascinating tour. You will experience its people and traditions.


Bring along your closest friends. You’ll experience staying in the crater of the aforementioned volcano in one of the most fantastic resorts in México with amenities that will surely blow your mind. This will be one unforgettable trip that will be seared in your memory forever.


Departures on Mondays.

We pick you up at your home from 10 to 10:30 AM (all six passengers at their locations).

Please have all your luggage ready, so we can do this in just a few minutes. We will start from San Antonio and will end picking up passengers in Jocotepec to start our tour. If you live outside this range, we will pick you up at Black Coffee 10 AM.


Please fill this form before committing to the tour.


Several surprises on stops from Ajijic to Mascota, including lunch.

All meals included.

Snacks, Water and select drinks available during transport (Scotch, Gin, Tequila, White & Red wines, and beer)

15,366 pesos per person 


Maximum 6 passengers.


Returning around 7 PM to Ajijic on Friday.

The tour is in English… most of the time!

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WideEyed Tours operate from Ajijic, an expat town for people from all over the world, located in Central México, in the state of Jalisco.

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