Hidden Island

One-day tour.


Day for the departure of your choice.


We pick you up at your home from 10 to 10:30 AM (all six passengers).

This tour includes transportation, the tour of the island and a very special lunch.

Water and select drinks available during transport.

Sun and bug protection advised. In the afternoon, mosquitoes can be a hassle.


6 passengers.

Returning around 6 PM.



This Island is one of those places few people know about. It's in the middle of what used to be (thousands of years ago, though), Lake Chapala. Now it is set in the middle of Laguna de Sayula. In this private island, you will find three different ecosystems where birds, animals, and plants have lived for millennia.


You will be thrilled by the spectacular setting, the vistas, and its biodiversity. Some buildings on site can be used to stay for several days. They were fashioned in the same style as that of the African safari lodges and they lack any of the comforts most people are used to, but if you want to be part of that kind of adventure we can arrange things so you can experience the closest thing to being in Africa.


You will enjoy the delight of a fantastic barbecue on site under one of the oldest trees in the Island.





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