Will Isolation Be Your Enduring Memory of 2020,

or will it look like freedom regained?

COVID-19 has changed everything, requiring us to adopt a mindset and lifestyle we never would have imagined just a short while ago. As instructed, we have isolated ourselves in our homes for weeks at a time. We adopted masks as a necessary addition to our apparel. We have once and for all learned how to effectively wash and disinfect our hands. We have kept our distance from friends. We have refrained from hugging, even touching. 


Living like this for weeks on end has taken its toll, even on those of us who have weathered the storm relatively well. Much more than just being boring, lonely, and difficult, for many, it has been a season of extreme anxiety, loss of livelihood, and stress at levels that have had a debilitating effect on our collective well-being. 


As we all look forward to the day when we will be released from isolation, many will be focusing on returning to work as quickly as possible, and to previously normal familial routines. Others, though, are anxious to once again experience the freedoms and pleasures of the outside world – no longer house-bound, being bombarded with a constant flow of virus updates. What about you? Shouldn’t you begin thinking and planning now what you would like to do to celebrate your regained freedom when it comes? 


You don’t need to wait. Don’t let these days just pass you by. Don’t allow this time of isolation to become your overwhelming memory of 2020. Contact us today, so our WideEyed freedom specialist can get the ball rolling and begin planning the most unique, personalized travel experience possible for you and the small group of friends you want to reconnect in a memorable way when this is over. 

Whether for a day, a weekend or longer, we have more than 100 secret places and we will transport you comfortably and safely to little-known destinations in Jalisco and beyond, where each day will be filled with the beauties of nature, as well as amazing insights into the area’s culture, history, and of course … its foods.


Will isolation be your enduring memory of this year? It doesn’t have to be! Take a look at what we have prepared for you.

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